About Us

IBGC “Indo British Geriatrics Council” is a catalyst that links academic institutions, including faculty, administrators, and students across the world to legislators, service providers, and older adults and their families.Disciplines represented by our members include gerontology and the health professions, social work, human development, business, public policy, and many others.

Our Vision:

  • To Serve as the worldwide expert voice in gerontology and geriatrics education, workforce development and policy
  • To Strengthen and improve the quality of gerontology and geriatrics education in India
  • To increase access to gerontology and geriatrics education programs in India
  • To Promote opportunities for networking and collaboration among students, faculty, and aging and non-aging service providers, businesses, and legislators
  • To Provide a forum for faculty development

Our History:

The Indo- British Geriatrics Council was formed in the year 2013, during the II World Congress on Geriatrics and Gerontology in the month of September at the J.N. TATA Auditorium, Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka committed to advance geriatric care, nursing and supporting efforts focused at all levels of Geriatric education. The main goal of IBGC has been to ensure that the Geriatric practionershave the competence and skills to provide quality care to the older. Therefore, IBGC has focused mainly on raising grants for growing the gero-expert faculty and infusing aging into the clinical curriculum. By doing so, IBGC ensure that both aging-focused faculty and curricula will ensure that the clinical population, regardless of their specialization, are exposed to aging throughout the course of their education, ultimately improving the care they provide to older adults. Previously, the council's grants have been effectively used towards the Geriatric Care Initiative (GCI).

Nurses are the largest segment of the health care workforce and play a critical, hands-on role in caring for sick and frail older adults. Nursing excellence can often make all the difference in delivering cost-effective, quality care. It is a powerful component in patient recovery, particularly when patients are sent home after shorter and shorter hospital stays.

Our event III World Congress on Geriatrics and Gerontology was designed various nursing programs and developed a variety of useful resources and tools for use by nursing students, faculty, practitioners, and development officers.