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With November 2014 coming along, it is time for the 3rd conference on Geriology, Geriatrics Medicine, and Rehabilitation titled "INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HEALTHY AGEING IN THE CHANGING WORLD 2014." The overwhelming response to the 1stconference and the resounding success of the 2nd conference, which brought forth the creation of the Indo-British Geriatrics Council, has prompted the organizers -- BioGenesis - The Euro-Indian Health Cluster (UK), Indo-British Geriatrics Council, India, UK Trade and Investment (Great Britain) and Clinton Foundation (USA) - to continue the tradition and institute the 3rd conference, which will be a three day conference from 17, 18 & 19 November 2014, at J. N. Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Sciences, Bengaluru, India. This conference will continue with objectives of the first conference as well as the second conference and put it on a global platform, helping medical professionals in the geriatric field as well as general public to understand, empathize, and take prompt actions to help old people across the globe.

The impetus behind this conference is the issue of ageing and its associated medical, social, and ethical problems. As we already know ageing is inevitable and unavoidable; however, modern science and medical technology are trying to understand the process of ageing and its slow impact on human body through continuous research. To a large extent, medical science has helped in understanding how to slowdown ageing, to avoid many diseases typical of old age and be able to enjoy life.The only difference in this conference from the earlier conferences is that this is going to be a conference that will extend up to 3 days.