Strategic Plan

While older people in INDIA are not usually the focus of health care philanthropy, we believe that they should be. Despite near universal access to health insurance through various elderly care programs, older adults experience high rates of errors and adverse events in their care and do not enjoy the well-being and independence that they should due to low quality, inexpert care.

Society as a whole also suffers by virtue of paying for this high cost-low quality care through public programs and by being deprived of the continuing contributions that older citizens could make if they received more appropriate care.

For last 3 years the BioGenesis Health Cluster has worked to improve the health of elderly citizens. Our principle strategy over that time has been to try to improve the competence in care of older adults on the part of health care professionals through events designed to explore academic geriatric capacity inmedicine, social work, and nursing. Our events have supported over 1,000 scholars in these fields to be more effective researchers, educators, and leaders in their fields.

Our second strategy has been to develop and test improved models of care in which the health care workforce might someday practice. Where these models have demonstrated their benefits, we have also worked to support their widespread adoption.

In 2012, recognizing that the leading edge of the baby boom cohort was turning 65 and that the context in which we are working had substantially changed, we undertook a review of our strategies and developed a new strategic plan to guide our work.

We were very excited by the ideas and participation in this process offered by our grantees, board, and other stakeholders. As a result of our deliberations, we concluded that it was time to shift "downstream" from building academic capacity towards a focus on other more immediate determinants of the quality of health care for older adults.

We identified five convergingstrategies as an initial description of our new work. These strategies will serve as an initial strategic and operational framework for Indo-British Geriatrics Council moving forward and reflect our new theory of change, which describes the forces we view as critical in leading to our ultimate goal of creating health care that is comprehensive, coordinated, continuous, and geriatrically expert.